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Summer is near an the 3rd Summer Fashion Festival is here. 
The SFF is a summer market with stands for about 80 designers with 8 prims available for each other. The theme is "summer fashion" but it doesn't mean bikinis and swimsuits. We wanna show a design that fits with the style of your store for this season and any creation with that theme will be welcome. MANDATORY to have 1 EXCLUSIVE DESIGN that you only can sell in the festival meanwhile it is running. After the festival you can continue selling your creation in your store. You will have 7 more prims where you can add any item at your choice and you will be able to change it during the festival that will last 2 weeks. We ask too for a 1 FREEBIE or DOLLARBIE that must show the quality of the products from your store and this is MANDATORY too.
Scripts in vendors won't be allowed. We do it in order to reduce lag for a "healthy" festival for everybody.
To don't follow this rules can mean to be ejected from the event without any refund of the fee
Festival fee is 550 L.
Designers and Bloggers will use the "Summer Fashion Festival" group, exclusively created for this event and in the group we can share notices, exclusives, gifts and all related to the festival. This is a private group and you only can access by invitation.
To promote it we will have use a group of bloggers, submit the event in SL search,  and of course, our groups.

If you would like to apply as designer, please copy paste the following information into a notecard and send it in world to "ArisAris Resident". Name this note "SFF III - DESIGNER - Your name- Your store" and send it back with the following dates to this avatar:


Store Owner:
Logo of your Store:
Url to marketplace:
What kind of items are you selling in your store?

Any other info you feel necessary to reveal:

Thank you in advance,
ArisAris Team

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